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John F. Curry started practicing law in 1986. In that period of time he has practiced law in the areas of criminal law, bankruptcy, personal injury and general civil practice. However, his main focus has always been family law. John has acted as mediator and arbitrator in numerous family law cases. John also has substantial experience looking at matters from a third party perspective. He has been a Pro Tem Judge in District and Municipal Court since 1992. He was appointed to the bench in Auburn Municipal Court as a permanent part-time Commissioner in January 2007. He is also a Pro Tem Family Law Commissioner in King County and currently the Orting Municipal Court Judge.

Dan C. Williams has a substantially similar background. Dan began working for John in 1990 and was admitted to the bar in 1991. Dan has been involved in a general practice as well, but he too has focused primarily on family law. Dan has also acted as mediator and arbitrator in numerous family law cases and has substantial experience looking at matters from a third party perspective as well. Dan has been a Pro Tem Judge in Municipal Courts since 2003 and also a Pro Tem Family Law Court Commissioner in King County Superior Court. With our experience and belief that all matter can be resolved short of trial, we both believe we can offer you a valuable service as mediator or arbitrator in your family law case.

Both John and Dan have been appointed as arbitrators and special masters by King County Family Law Court Commissioners and Judges.

Some of the advantages that we offer as mediators are as follows:

  1. Arranging a mediation: Our office can be contacted by phone or email to check available dates for a mediation. We set mediations for half day or whole days.
  2. Cost: Please contact our office for the current hourly rate charged for mediation services. There is a minimum charge of 3 hours for sessions held at our office and 4 hours minimum charge for sessions held outside of our office. Each party is required to pay an advanced fee deposit prior to mediation and their share of the remaining balance is due at the end of the mediation session.
  3. Convenience: Our office is in South King County (Auburn). In most instances, if it is more convenient, we are willing to travel to your office.
  4. Finality: If we are able to achieve a settlement, and we assume we will, we will have CR 2A agreements so that the agreements are final and binding on the parties. Our services as arbitrator is to resolve any disputes regarding the drafting of documents or resolving disputed issues.
  5. Cancellation of mediation: If the mediation needs to be cancelled or postponed 3 days prior to the mediation, there is no cancellation fee.
  6. Special problems: If there is a no contact order or protection order in place, it will be the responsibility of the parties or the attorneys to apprise our office so that any necessary arrangements can be made for the mediation. If one of the parties is out of State, we can also accommodate telephonic mediations.
  7. Preparation: We understand that advanced preparation is often difficult. We would like to have all settlement materials available at least two working days in advance of the mediation so that we can be better prepared to accomplish the settlement.
  8. Format: The format that we use and find most effective is often referred to as “shuttle diplomacy”. Each side will occupy a separate room in order that each side can speak openly with their attorneys (if any) and the mediator. The mediator will take turns going to each of the rooms to talk and with the parties
  9. Unrepresented parties: Unlike many mediation services we will provide mediation and / or arbitration services for individuals who are not represented by counsel. We do not provide legal advice but will assist parties in resolving their case based upon the existing laws.

The details of our service are as follows:

  1. Services Offered: Mediations/Arbitrations in the area of Family Law.
  2. Mediation/Arbitration Fees: Mediations/Arbitrations are charged at a hourly rate for services rendered. Please contact our office for the current hourly rate.
  3. Time: We can schedule sessions for half or full day.
  4. Settlement/Mediation Material: Any materials to be submitted should arrive at our office two days prior to the scheduled session. We also request that said documents be delivered to the opposing side at the same time so everyone is better able to address the issues.

Resolving disputes through mediation is not only desirable in regards to saving time and money, but it also allows the client to have more control of the ultimate outcome. Once the matter is turned over to the Judge, any control over a case that the client may have is mostly gone.

Please feel free to contact our office regarding any questions you may have. We both look forward to working with you.

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